Feeling good!

V-ati trezit dimineata cu un zambet larg pe buze si o stare de bine inexplicabila?! In ultimele zile numai asa ma trezesc. Simt ca totul va fii bine, si am o stare de beatitudine.
Un coleg de al meu, imi povestea despre aceasta “gandire/mentalitate”  de a transforma lucrurile rele in lucruri bune. Atunci cand patesti lucruri rele, sa vezi doar partea buna, sa o amplifici, chiar daca la inceput pare greu si ireal, trebuie sa faci partea pozitiva sa creasca cat mai mult pana absoarbe partea negativa. In orice caz, vroiam sa verific daca pastilele mele sunt totusi prea puternice si imi dau aceasta stare euforica sau asta se intampla si oamenilor normali. Glumesc nu iau pastile, doar beau! :)))))))))))  Thanks K. dear for this lovely pics!

I was wearing Terra Nova skirt, necklace and under-vest, BBup shoes, no name jacket














Today’s motto : “If a great outfit gets you one step closer to feeling good about yourself, then is worth every penny.”

Have you ever wake up , having a  good mood. This is happening to me in the last few days. I just wake up and I’m  feeling  like everything will be OK . A colleague of mine told me about this thinking” of turning bad things in good things. Like whenever  bad things happen to you, you have to see the bright part of that thing, even if it’s a small piece, you have to make it bigger, bigger until you can’t see the bad part!:) Any ways I wanted to see if my pills are too strong or every one has days when they just wake us feeling just awesome. I was kidding with the pills. 😉

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  1. Yes I agree with you Ella Life is what we really want, we can make it better if we can see all the positive things around us! You're so lovely & cute on these pics Have a great day M-C

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL! You are so pretty girl! Your colorful skirt looks amazing, your all outfit looks so positive! I decide to follow you! I hope you will have some time and come to my blog, maybe follow me too 🙂 Kisses from PL :*

  3. I love the neon on the skirts, and you whole outfit. Yes, I have some feel good days a few times a month. Happy you are feeling awesome :)) It shows.


  4. Oh, I'm so inspired by your positive way of thinking! You know thoughts become things, and we should keep such positive philosophy no matter what! Those photographs are adorable! I've got to say you look gorgeous and so beautiful, these items fit you perfectly well:)!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


    1. Alexandra you are warm like always. Some times I wish I could meet you… 😉 You look a little like my favorite cousin. I try not to write down the negative thoughts, and in the end they disappear.

  5. Mă bucur să citesc că ești într-o dispoziție bună.
    Ținuta este foarte potrivită cu atitudinea.
    Elementele aztec arată excelent în maniera în care le-ai combinat.

    Mi-e dor de vremea caldă văzând aceste imagini…

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