PPZ yoga pants

My face in the morning is not the best thing, but what can I do if when I wake up I don’t look like the sleeping beauty? I don’t wake up looking perfect. :)) Let me tell you a short story about my new pair of yoga pants. Not long ago Vantoee from PPZ contacted me for a collaboration. The site has mainly sexy underwear and yoga pants, so I had to decide carefully, because I had to wear the item and do a shooting for my blog also. I’m not very comfortable with showing my body, so the yoga pants were the best choice I could go with . The yoga pants I liked and received is the one in the pictures below.
For several days I tried to do a good shooting at home, since at the gym, I’m embarrassed to take pictures and it’s always full of people. I’m not pleased with the shooting, but what I can I do, this is my morning face, which I have to accept and live with. :)) Regarding the pants, I must say that they are soft and comfy, and I totally recommend them. Thank you PPZ for these lovely pants and thank you Cosmin for being patience with me. 🙂

I was wearing PPZ pats, Decathlon undervest and Lidl bra 

Today’s motto: “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

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