Boyfriend jeans.

Cel mai fain lucru inventat vreodată au fost hainele de bărbați pentru a fi purtate de noi,  femeile.
Iubesc sa dorm în tricoul iubitului meu, sau sa ii port boxeri pe post de pantaloni scurți.
Uimitor cum tricoul iubitului tău cu o pereche de ochelari de tocilar iți dau o alura a naibi de sexy, nu este asa? Îmi place când  ajung acasă și palmele mele miros a bărbat, iubesc sa miros a el, găsesc asta incredibil de sexy. Nu avem limite când vine vorba de fantezii și totuși suntem asa puturoși ca mereu folosim aceleași matrice cu care suntem familiari. In orice caz, dacă va gândiți ca am purtat ochelarii aceștia cu un scop anume, aveți dreptate! Cum am mai zis într-un post anterior nu e nevoie de tocuri și fuste sa fi sexy, asta vine din atitudine.

I was wearing H&M blouse, Mango jeans, Stradivarius shoes, ClockHouse purse, Meli Melo earrings

Today’s quote: “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

The best thing invented were men clothes, to be worn by us,women. I love sleeping in my boyfriend t-shirt or to wear his underwear as shorts. Amazing how your man t-shirt with some nerd eyeglasses is one damn kinky combination, isn’t it? I love when I touch a person (man in particularly) and when I go home my hands would smell like him, I find this incredibly sexy. We don’t have boundaries when comes to fantasy, and yet we are so lazy, that we reproduce the same thing we are familiar all over again.. Any way, if you were thinking that I was wearing the eyeglasses for a reason, you are damn right! As I said in a previous post, you don’t need a skirt and high heels to be sexy, it all comes from your attitude.

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  1. You fabulous, the outfit turned out so groovy and chic! These items supplement each other perfectly well. I don't like to wear men clothes often, well I almost never wear anything from my boyfriend closet. But I do love the way some girls manage to style such things. You are not an exception, dear:)
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

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