How I spent my Saturday.

Last Saturday I had a lovely time, I have meet some nice and talented girls. I’ve got inspired, and went home with great plans regarding hand made items, unfortunately all the enthusiast and inspiration for handmade things was  gone when I arrived home..Funny, hah? The weekend was about knowing people, to be amazed by their talent, to steal some inspiration and have some chat. I’ll let the pics talk for me.

The hat and the wreaths of flowers were made by “Flowers In Your Hair” awesome job, isn’t it?



When i talk about fashion and creativity I want to say that bow are a super cute a accessory.  Behind the bow is ” Happy bow ties by Rodica Dumitru ” .


Who is with all the touching chic decoration? This is another very creative girl from ” Creativ Design by Kytty” .





Can you not love black feathers? Well and another chic artist has exposed her creations, GIO Studio .



What would be a woman without jewelries? She feels naked when she doesn’t wear any. You can see also “Bijoux By LD” work .



Tourmaline Boutique can be seen on any item that can be painted. These 2 awesome girls have painted some super cool shoes. Dunno how but I forgot mine home!:(


Bianca from Atelier de creatie Biannchy had organized this lovely event, beside this her work can be seen in pics. Her lovely pants colored my day.


I have to say, “Thanks!” to some people who visit us. They were a lovely company, even though
they didn’t ask my advice regarding clothes, fashion or hand made. 🙂



Today’s motto :”Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.”

The work of Klaudia from KK Photography can be seen in all this lovely pics. When you have a talent you stop worrying and start doing shots, because you have what is needed.

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  1. I love doing something with my hands too, I think it makes our life more interesting) This event is such a lovely thing, I would love to be there if only it could be possible. All those hand made things are really wonderful, I believe they have their own character and soul.
    by the way, you look amazingly beautiful in that fancy hat with flowers, all the photographs are adorable, though.

  2. Ce zi frumoasă ai avut! 🙂 Toate obiectele hand made sunt atât de frumoase! Mă tot uit la coronițele cu trandafirași de o perioadă și uite-le și în postarea de aici, sunt foarte elegante și finuțe. Nu au trecut neobservați nici cercei sub formă de dream catcher .

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