I love sweets!

Imi e dor sa manac dulciuri fara ca acest lucru sa ma afecteze, asta ma face sa imi fie de copilarie, de mesele la ore fixe, de vorba mamei si a  bunicilor “nu mananci mancare, nu primesti dulce”. Desi primeam ceva simbolic, gen o gogoasa sau o bomboana stiam clar ca dupa masa ceva bun tot o sa primesc. Imi e dor sa nu imi fie frica sa manac cu pofta ceea ce vreau. Acum dupa ce termin de mancat tind sa completez cu ceva dulce, insa stiu ca un minut de placere cere 1 ora de sala…Cum se face ca acum dulcele imi este dusman?!:))) Dar ce e o ora la sala in comparatie cu ceva dulce? Un mare NIMIC! Thank you Klaudia for this lovely “cotton candy” day!:)

I was wearing OASAP cardigan, you can find it here , I love it, Lunatic coat, no name pants and boots, SheinIn bag and necklace













Today’s quote: “Forget love – I’d rather fall in chocolate!”

Beside the fact that when I was a child I could eat as many sweets as I wanted without getting fat, again I have to say that I miss my childhood. I miss my mother and grandparents saying ” eat your food, or no sweets for you ” even if I would get only a candy or a donut I was happy because I knew that after meal something sweet will make me smile. Now after I finish my plate I can eat a truck full of sweets (nobody is stopping me or condition me)  but I know that a second on my lips will end with a lifetime on my hips. How comes that sweets are now my enemies?! :)))

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  1. Pozele sunt foarte tari, iar lookul tău îmi place foarte mult.
    Și eu mănânc vată de zahăr de fiecare dată când am ocazia și e un obicei pe care îl am din copilărie.

    P.S. Big like pentru poșetă.

  2. ahaah " eat your food, or no sweets for you " I suppose, any child has been treated like that;) I've got to say I had a crush on that bag, such a lovely thing! I do love yoru choice:) fantastic photographs, you look great!

  3. f.frumos<3 cum petrecut Creciun!!!! pa aicia f.frumos si liniscit multumesc ca intri si la mine pa Blog aprecez mult<3 esti o scumpa….in Martie plec cu familia in Ro am intrebare ce partia Ro stai noi mergem la Cluj si fain as fi sa te cunoasc:) sa ma ierti gramatica multe saluteriiiii Draga!

  4. you are so cute!
    and your outfit is amazing!
    i love the color of the coat and the
    adorable purse!
    oh and i used to sing que sera sera when i
    was a kid 🙂
    xoxo Rose

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