Sheinside Publisher Program

Sheinside Publisher Program

This is the first time that I’m writing about Sheinside Publisher Program. People, Sheinside Publisher Program is
a good way to earn commission for fashion bloggers who loves writing
anything that is fashion related. There are two collaboration methods,
which are “By Orders”, in which you’ll get 10% commission per order, or
“By Sign-ups” where you can get $0.3 per sign-up. You’ll simply publish
any Sheinside‘s promotion and wait for the commissions to come.

Occasionally, Sheinside would do special activities for you to earn extra credits. You could also submit links to them and earn $15 monthly.


  • Earn commissions while blogging,cool isn’t it?
  • Whenever you post a promotion, it helps your readers who are an avid shoppers.
  • No ideas, no problem you can write about Sheinside.


  • You need to apply to join the said program. You must input all information needed completely.
  • You should fill the Social Platform Option with all your social
    links. Not just “Tumblr, Facebook. Instagram”, but with the whole URL to
    those site.
  • You should share one Sheinside promotion along with three products.
  • Log in to your account and submit the link in “PP- $ 5 for the new
    members” in the “Submit Links” option. ” You will get $5 commission on
    your account as soon as you submit the link.
  • Each person can only register once.

NOW, they have a new activity for new members of Sheinside Publisher Program. If you join now, you could get $5 commission.

Register now to Sheinside Publisher Program,
create an introductory post by sharing a promotions and three products
from Sheinside. After publishing your post, submit the link to Sheinside
and you’ll get $5 after they evaluate it. Simple as that.

What are you waiting for? Join now! 🙂

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