Shopping time, dears.

Hello girls, as I was surfing on internet I found a lovely shop online called  mignon mignon. I might say that I felt in love with their clothes, especially because I found some item with cats. They have lovely  items like pants, cool accessories, super cute skirts, handbags and so many other trendy and cheap things.
You may take a look, see if something appears appealing to you. Also they have discounts:  for orders over 65$ you have a  discount of 10$, and for orders over 115$ your discount is 20$. This fashion store may amaze you with their high quality and good prices.

Here are some of my favorite item, I’ll just put them on my wish list.

Cat dress .


Maxi  dress .

Flew flew dress.

Cat ballerinas.

Cross  leggings.

Mouse sunglasses.

Dog handbag.

Aztec handbag.

Floral ring.

Cat ring.

Hope you’ve notice how much I love cats. Enjoy the ride on mignonstore . Hope you visit, because worth visiting.

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  2. Love the dresses in pics 2 and 3!
    Visit my blog if you have time, I've just published a new post and I'll be happy to read your opinion =)

  3. the things really look amazing, especially the skirt is really funny 🙂 furthermore the maxi dress is top as well as the ballerinas ! 🙂

    Greeting ♥

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