It’s never too late!

Nu exista prea tarziu, niciodata nu este prea tarziu sa recunosti ca ai gresit, sa ii spui ca iti pasa, sa zici sau sa faci lucruri. Cu uimire am realizat ca nu am fost niciodata la circ ( am sunat-o pe mama si am certat-o ). Zilele trecute am primit o invitatie la circ 1+1 asa ca m-am decis sa fac ceea ce trebuia, m-am dus la circ. Sincer mi-a placut, nu m-a impresionat dar a fost placut si comic. Nu mi-a placut deloc modul in care animalele sunt tratate, m-a dezgustat ( fiind o iubitoare de animale inraita ). Norocul meu a fost ca in spatele meu erau niste copilasi tare vorbareti, asa ca am trait putin circul prin intensitatea sentimentelor lor. Erau fascinati, socati, uimiti si entuziasmati. Eu as zice ca nu am fost asa ( dar prietena mea imi tot zicea ca m-am comportat ca un copil, deh…poate asa o fi fost ). As vrea sa inchid ochii si atunci cand ii deschid sa vad lumea prin “ochii mari de copil” mi-as dori sa nu fiu obligata sa rezolv sau sa raspund la problemele de “om mare”. As vrea sa fiu usor de impresionat, as vrea sa mai cred in basme, in zane si miracole. Inca cred in Mos Craciun, multumita mamei mele….Deci mai am reminiscente de copil in mine. Thanks dear  K .

I was wearing Pull&Bear sweater, Benetton pants, Calzedonia tights, Koton t-shirt, Terra Nova bag, Accessorize  earrings and no name boots












Today’s motto:  ” Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away. “


It’s never too late to say I’m sorry, it’s never too late to say I care about you, it’s never too late to say or do things. I realized that I have never been to the circus ( I called my mother, and I’ve scolded her a little). So these days I’ve received an invitation 1+1…so I decided to go to the circus. I liked it, but the way that animals are treated, just made me angry. Behind me were some children, and I could see the circus trough their eyes for a  while… They were delighted, they couldn’t believed their eyes, they were more than thrilled. Not like me (even if my friend laughed at me, because she said that I was acting like a child, but for some moments I felt like the clown and all these things, really impressed me)… I wish sometimes I could just close my eyes and see the world trough my “child big eyes”. I wish I could be so easy to impress, I wish I shouldn’t have to answer to all “grown up” questions and problems. I wish I could still believe in fairy tales and miracles. I still believe in Santa Claus, if this matters!:)

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  1. I can definitely relate to what you are saying! I often remember how cool it was to be a child, when everything you expierenced was something astonishing and interesting!
    But as I have grown older I have found myself a bit too cynical and just like you not very easily impressed!
    I wish I could be a little girl again, when my only problems were of how to get my parents to buy me the newest dolls! 😀 Superficial & yet a lot of fun! 🙂
    And those are beautiful photos, I like how you wore those great bright colors together! 🙂

  2. I agree with what you right about both the good and bad of a circus. Love your pictures, pretty location and the colours in this outfit are so great together.

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