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Have you ever wondered how would it be to change your hair color without damaging it? I have wondered a thousand times how would I look with red short hair, or long purple hair, green bob,etc. For a year and a half I did act on that thought, and I changed my haircut and color monthly almost :))) . Because of all the painting, I need to give my hair a long pause, which I didn’t quite enjoyed that so much. A few days ago Everydaywigs  contacted me for a collaboration, and I thought that using a wig, instead of painting and cutting your hair it’s an amazing way, of being creative but wise. I checked their site, and you can find lots of wigs, from ombre to blond or green. If you want a long natural ponytail, than a wig from Everydaywigs would be a perfect call. If you want a lovely purple hair, for when you go out and party only, then again a wig is what you need. If you dreamed about being blonde, but never had the courage to paint your hair, a wig can help you again. Just check out these ombre wig , amazing blonde wigs or the quality synthetic wigs. I have never worn a wig, but now I’m curious to buy one. They seem pretty natural and it’s amazing how many option there are. 

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