Some things never grow old!

Printre lucrurile care nu au varsta pentru mine, se numara muzica. Pe langa muzica mai jonglez cu imaturitatea/copilarosenia si prima mea iubire. Viata, o adevarata calatorie care este uneori cam grea este drept, dar in definitiv este asa cum si-o face fiecare. Unele lucruri nu imbatranesc niciodata iar altele parca sunt de o vesnicie batrane. Incerc sa ma formez inca mai incerc sa ma maturizez frumos, sa pastrez cat mai multa estenta ” de mine”  desi fiecare pas care il fac ma modifica putin. Fieacre cuvant si fiecare om, fara sa vrea incearca sa schimbe ceva. Incearaca sa te
pastrezi cat mai intact, esti pefect cum esti, nu sunt 2 de tine pe aici!

I was wearing Bershka jeans, Converse sneakers, Stradivarius shirt hand made bag, ice cream erring from Terra Nova















Today’s quote : “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

One of the things that for me didn’t got older by a day, it’s music. Beside music is the joy of being immature and childish, and my first love (obsession,maybe). Life’s a journey that sometimes is maybe too rough, but in the end it’s like we make it. Some things never grow old and some things are like forever old. Well..I try to grow up beautiful and I try to keep myself as much as I can, since every step I do changes me a bit. Every word and every human being tries to change you in a way or another. Keep yourself as much as you can, you are beautiful and perfect as you are!

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