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Am fost invitata in calitate de fashion blogger la un workshop. Nu va pot spune cat de entuziasmata sunt ca oamenii apreciaza stilul si munca mea. Sincer am emotii deja si sunt super incantata datorita faptului ca evenimentul are la baza multa culoare si accesorii handmade, stilul care clar ma defineste. Pana una alta sa dau putin din  casa. La eveniment vor fi Klaudia de la KK Photography , Smaranda de la The Street  , Bianca de la Atelier de Creatie Biannchy organizatoarea evenimentului si fetele de la Tourmaline Boutique .
Pana saptamana viitoare cand voi face un post mai detaliat despre eveniment, va prezint una din tinutele mele preferate pe anul asta.

I was wearing necklace from Sheinside, pants from Terra Nova, shoes Stonecreek, bag from Miniprix













Today’s motto: “Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret. ”

I was invited to an event as a fashion blogger. I feel honored because people like me and appreciate my work. Even more, that they invite me to a workshop to give advices. I can’t wait it. It’s all about colors and handmade accessories. I’ll make  a more detailed post about this workshop next week. Meanwhile I want to say that some other super cool people will be there. My friend Smaranda from  The Street  Klaudia from  KK Photography also some other talented girls like Bianca Atelier de Creatie Biannchy who organized this event and the girls from Tourmaline Boutique. Until my next post, I’ll let you to enjoy some of my favorite shots from this year.

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  1. Si eu m-am mirat ca geanta ai gasit-o pe Miniprix, dupa o perioada in care zilnic verificam la sectiunea de genti si posete in care nimic parca ma nemultumea am renuntat. Arata foarte bine, ca restul tinutei de altfel.xo

  2. Oh, I'm really glad to hear that, you definitely deserve it, dear Mihaela! You definitely have wonderful taste in clothes and such a bright, creative personality, so I have no wonder why they decide to choose you. You are always splendidly got up, seriously. This outfit of you is not an exception, that peachy pink sweater fits you perfectly well, seriously. That wonderful color matches your skin and hair tone perfectly well, to my mind.
    I also want to thank you for your kind comment at my blog, I'm really pleased!
    Wishing you lots of luck!

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