Better losing it, than to lose yourself.

Toti, fiecare om in parte are o poveste de care nu poate scapa. O poveste cu un prieten, cu un iubit, o poveste trista si grea. Te lupti din rasputeri, tu stii cat transpiri si cat timp pierzi luptand  impotriva tuturor, insa in definitiv impotriva simtamintelor tale. Crezi ca ai uitat si ai mers mai departe, e nveoie de un gest, sau o boare a parfumului bine cunoscut ca totul sa se naruie. Si iar iei puzzle-ul de la capat. Simti cum genunchi te lasa, cum picioarele deja iti sunt amputate, cand crezi ca este prin preajma. Da, ai piredut o alta lupta ,dar totusi asta e doar o lupta razboiul l-ai castigat in momentul in care ai decis sa mergi mai departe. Asa ca nu lasa amintirea unui parfum sau a  unui om sa te schimbe. Focuseazate pe ceea ce va urma nu pe ceea ce a  fost. Lasa rana sa se cicatrizeze in model ei. Nu o “asalta” cu tratamente. Pentru un timp, fi doar constiinta si uita ca ai si inima…si sentimente.

I was wearing Bershka blouse, Terra Nova t-shirt, no name dress, Accessorize bag and Stone Creek boots 













Today’s motto: “…as long as nothing happens between them, the memory is cursed with what hasn’t happened.”

Everyone has a love story, a friend story, a story that he/she wants to forget… And you struggle, only you know how much, you fight with your thought, friends, family…but practically  with yourself! You think you’ve moved one…but when you fell a breeze of his perfume, something that remembers your about the story, a simple gesture of the “forgotten” person or if you see the person itself, you feel like your knees can’t sustain you and that big burden..You are defeated, you’ve lost another battle, but still you have win something bigger, you’ve learned how to stay focused, how to breath, how to be detached…Be focused and don’t let external negative thought influence your spirit. Don’t force yourself to forget if you haven’t moved on, because is better to let the wound to heal in her own way..don’t force things, let it flow. Just give the needed time for healing, without any pressure, cover your ears, and close your heart.

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  1. I agree wid u dear Ella. I think there's a reason for all then no need to struggle, the way will appear ! Adore your pics so delightful Have a great week end!!! M-C

  2. Very beautiful and gentle photos! They have a lot of light and joy! I love your blue dress and jacket color mint. You are very beautiful!

  3. You look amazing!!! Love your style!!
    You got a new follower on GFC and bloglovin! Follow back?

    Greetings from

  4. Draga Ela, parca ai descries un moment de rascruce in viata mea, am momente, cand sunt slabita, trista sa ma acapareze si amintirile trecutului, ne scuturam ca a trecut si ca am luat cea mai buna decizie.
    Superbe poze, cadre! xo

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