Fun at home

Describe home, ohhh darling, you did not understood me, not how it looks, but how it makes you feel. The vibes you get when you just stepped inside your home. Home is not a place it’s a feeling, a good quote once said. So..lets start over, describe home, the home feeling, the warmth, the cozy feeling you have when you just think about it. Now that you’re in “the mood”, only now, you can feel and understand me. Now you know why I preferred to do this shooting home and nowhere else than there. 🙂
One of my latest collaboration with Zaful site got me this amazing blouse that I love. The print somehow remind me of our traditional print, and this was the reason I’ve chose it. Check Zaful site and see the latest promotions, since the winter holidays are approaching.:)

I was wearing Zaful blouse and Koton skirt

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