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Hello people,
Two weeks ago I received these 2 shirts from FashionMia, a site not quite familiar to me. Lazy ass, as I am, I didn’t do the post until now, shame on me. My first impression when I saw the order, wasn’t the best honest to be. Everything changed once I tried them on, I was pleasant surprised. The striped one it’s just amazing, fits me and it has a good elastic material. The other one is a bit strange, because of the buttons from the back, but I find the cut very interesting and also fits me great. Maybe a larger size would’ve been great, but I thought I’m a skinny one. Also the shipping was quite fast, I didn’t had to wait more than 2, 2 and a half weeks, I think. FashionMia is a nice site where you can find clothes for man an woman also at affordable prices, just check it out.

I was wearing striped shirt FashionMia, normal shirt FashionMia, Jennifer cardigan, no name pants, Binca Luminita earrings, Bershka bow & coat , BBup shoes, handmade bag.

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