Shhh !! We are talking about secrets.

Un adevar pur este ca avem vicii si secrete…Am observat ca, cu cat le ingropi mai adanc, cu atat se straduiesc mai mult sa iasa la liman.De cele mai multe ori tindem sa ne ascundem dupa degete, sau dupa perdele inexistente…cand defapt, covietuim chiar daca numai noi stim asta alaturi de secretele noastre cele mai bine pazite.Nu stiu sa mint, si evident nici sa tin un secret, a  trebuit sa invat in timp sa tin secrete, macar cele care nu imi apartineau. A fost greu, dar am invatat…inca incerc sa invat sa mint, pentru ca uneori o minciuna mica, te poate scapa de un dezastru iminent.M-am lasat de tigari  acum 3 sau 4 ani, dar se pare ca tigarile  nu s-au lasat de mine.Cum beau putin alcool, cum tigarea devine un “must have”.Nimeni nu intelege cum renunti partial la un viciu, dar asta este micul meu secret.
I was wearing Stone Creek boots, Accessorize bag and the rest of the outfit  no name.




Thank you very much Klaudia.

We all have secrets that are buried deep inside us…but when you less aspect they come outside, hitting you ,because you’ve let them in that box without air or light…although they somehow escaped. You don’t really know how, but they managed well the situation. Maybe they tricked you to let them breathe some  fresh air when you visit  them, long time ago…or maybe you are
so silly that you  forgot to lock the chest.Be more careful when you go down inside you because the other you may take your place more than you expect! Officially I quit smocking about 3 or 4 years ago.But when my head is full of alcohol vapors I start to smoke…I don’t know why I can’t quit smoking for real, I think is just a habit that is taking me is places I’ve already been and enjoy it…I somehow love and hate cigarettes!:)

Today’s motto: “Here’s a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once.”

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  1. great look. love the use of colour. so pretty. check out our blog if you like we can follow each other on gfc & bloglovin. let us know.
    kisses from Kenya

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