Liebster Blog Award .

When I saw that Andy nominated me for some award, I was amazed, at first I read the comment on my phone, in hurry  and I didn’t really got it, but now when I had time to read it with calm, I fell honored , and I feel like a child who has received the gift from Santa Claus.Thanks  Andy ,  (
you should visit her blog, is worth it!



The rules are very easy to follow once you’ve been nominated.

1. When you receive the award, thank the person that gave it to you and post a link to their blog in your post.


2. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions set for you.
4. Choose 11 blogs that inspire you with under 200 followers and link their pages to your post.
5. Create 11 questions for them.
6. Go to your nominees page and let them know you have nominated them.
Hope you find it interesting , like me. 😉
 So here are the 11 random facts about me:
1. I adore animals.
2. I believe in miracles, some day I’ll win the lottery ,I’m sure about that! 🙂
3.I love to travel,but I never find money for that.
4. I like to hang out with friends until sunrise.
5.I adore listening to good music, and dance on it  with my boyfriend.
6. I love my home town, even if it’s very small!
7. I always dreamed to have my own house ,I  finally have it, even if is different from the one I’ve dreamed.
8. I love to drink wine on a rainy day
9. I’m a  foodie person, I really love FOOD!
10.I believe in kindness, I believe that no one is born evil.

11.I think that I never have enough time to do all the things I want.

Andy’s question for me :
 1. Who do you consider your role model?
My mother is my role model.
2. If you could have three wishes, which would they be?
No suffering on Earth, I wish to stay in love for ever; like you are at the beginning, and my last wish  is that lies didn’t exist!
3. Which is your favorite song?
I really can’t choose one song.. 😉
4. Which is your favorite brand (clothes, shoes or beauty items)?
Those that are cheap and with good quality!
5. What did you last dream about ?
How would be my life if I could have an animal shelter.
6. If you could change something about you, what would that be?
Tough question, I wish I could be more wiser and more confident.
7. Complete the sentence: I couldn’t live without …
I couldn’t live without animals.
8. What’s the best thing you ever ate?
Hmmm ice cream from McDonald’s :))
9. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited and why?
Venice, because my mom worked near Venice and I visited her.
10.What do you like most about you?
The fact that i’m a day dreamer,I laugh a lot, and I’m very silly.
11. Is there something you regret you didn’t do up to date? If yes, what is it?
Too many things, I don’t regret them  but if I would have a second chance i would think twice.
And with this being said, I wish to ask you some question, and these are :
1. How would you describe the perfect match ?
2. Do you believe in love ever after ?
3. What is your greatest achievement in life?
4. Do you have a favorite place that you really want to visit, which is that?
5. Do you believe that people can change?
6. Do you believe in zodiac signs?
7. What was your dream career when you were little?
8. Do you still have friend from your childhood?
9. If you and your best friend had a crush on the same boy, what would you do?
10. What is your favorite thing to do, when you have time?
11. 3 qualities and defects that define you?

My 11 nominees are:

  • Adeline ,from :
  • Kajal Maharaj , from :
  • Airish Abella , from :
  • Iletişim Kur , from :
  • Laila Kandil , from :
  • Emma Ali , from :
  • Regine Karpel , from :
  • Selina Röther , from :
  • Denise, from :
  • Smaranda , from  : http://the–
  • Stefanie  et Marie Charlotte , from http://theladyvintage.blogspot.Hope you will enjoy the ride!:)Thank you Andy and you girls. ;))

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  1. Aww thankyou ella but i have already been nominated by jackie harrison and i have already done a post about it you can check that out on down below but thank you once again for considering me. It would be really great if you follow my blog on gfc and blogloving i am following you now :)you have a very beautiful blog keep up the good work and keep in touch 🙂

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