Color yourself !

Pentru ca suntem oameni, pentru ca suntem complexi si avem personalitate avem si stari de spirit cumplit de schimbatoare, in cazul meu.Se intampla sa ai o ora proasta, o zi proasta , o saptamana chiar…dar pentru mine starea de spirit nu corespunde cu vestimentatia.Mereu incerc sa umplu golul, sau lipsa de culoare din viata mea, prin haine cat mai colorate.Sunt lipsita de imaginatie din cauza caldurii, ma simt ca un pui la rotisor, ca o sarma intr-o oala plina alaturi  de compatriotii mei.Sper sa va placa mixul meu  :))))

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I was wearing Converse sneakers and surprise, every  other item is not a worldwide firm.












Every now and than we have some bad hours, days, depends on everyone’s way of being! In my case, the “bad moods” hunts me  almost everyday, but lucky me they  stay only for a second…this is my way of being! Some times I feel that my life is very grey, so I tend to color it, maybe  too much, but for me “too much color” does not exist. Even if now the weather is very hot, I  have this photos from some weeks ago. Because of the heat my creativity is down, I fell like a chicken in oven, I’m melting…hope none will eat me :))Enjoy the color ,because the face is not my best in this pics 😉

Today’s motto :  Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

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  1. You always have such colorful, joyful outfits as I wouldn't never suppose you to have bad mood! Cheer up, life is realy beautiful when you are young, healthy and have your family around you! Stay strong) Lovely snapshots as by the way!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. Imi place cum pozezi , fericita , fara inhibitii. Imi place tinuta , foarte colorata , care tansmite multe veselie. Apropo , ce fel de aparat folosesti? O zi buna iti doresc!!

    1. Multumesc mult, sa stii ca uneori il duc parca la extrema, dar asa sunt eu…stiu ca uneori fac exces de culoare, dar e greu sa te schimbi!:)

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