The new year’s puzzle.

Puzzle-ul noului an, un lucru asupra caruia trebe sa meditam putin. Inceputurile sunt promitatoare, tindem sa credeam ca un an nou ne-ar putea imbunatatii. Ne facem planuri, promitem sa fim mai buni in noul an, dar toate astea isi pierd valoarea cand ne dam seama cine suntem. Suntem tot “noi” de anul trecut, de acum 2 ani, cu mici schimbari, poate. Tot visatorii care stiu ca noul este doar o chestiune de percepție. Ceea ce e nou pentru unii, pentru altii e demul invechit. Nu iti  faceti planuri pentru noul an, doar actioneaza si in timp o sa vezi ca ai schimbat multe si ca planurile sunt facute doar ca sa te incurce uneori… Anul asta o sa incerc sa  traiesc fara planuri. In lipsa de planuri si imaginatie Oasap mereu imi da o mana de ajutor pentru un outfit reusit.

I was wearing Oasap dress, Oasap necklace, Miniprix shoes, and no name vest









Today’s quote: “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

The new year’s puzzle, something to think of… Beginnings are so promising, we tend to believe that a new year could improve us. We make plans, we promise to be better in the new year, but all this fades when we see the true us. We are almost the same, person we were last year, or the year before, hopeless dreamers, new it’s just a matter of perception. What is new for me,  for you might be a far far away past. So, don’t make plans for the new year, just act and you’ll have something to look back at. I’ll try this year to live and not  to make plans…

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