Conquer or be conquered!

Primavara este aici. Poti sa auzi pasarile cantand, poti simtii vantul cald, poti vedea pomii infloriti. Acum este momentul sa dai drumul vibratiilor negative, sa respiri adanc si sa lasi moda sa te invadeze. Si dacă nu e moda, atunci lasă lucrurile bune sa iți îmbrățișeze sufletul, încearcă sa fi mai bun decât sezonul trecut.

I was wearing Fishbone blouse,  BB UP shoes, Terra Nova socks, No name hat, pants and purse















Today’s mood: “Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.”


Spring is here. You can hear the birds singing, you can feel the warm wind, see all the blooming trees. Now is the moment to let all the bad vibes go, just breathe and let fashion conquer you. If not fashion, than let the good feelings embrace your soul, and try to be better than last season.


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  1. I'm in love with the outfit which you've created and the photographs themselves are done so professionally and inspiringly. You look amazingly fresh, young and beautiful there, dear Mihaela! YOu are full of charm and spring spirit, indeed.
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

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