I just can’t live without them!

Inca din copilarie mi-am dat seama ca sunt iremediabil indragostita de animale!Uneori cred ca animlele sunt cel mai pur si amuzant lucru pe acest pamant.Inca imi aduc aminte, si cred ca si parintii mei, care acum zambesc gandind inapoi, la faptul ca la noi acasa intr-un apartament de 2 camere am avut 2 catei,2 hamsteri,o pisica un porumbel si o cioara.Desigur asta  a fost doar o perioada, insa cred ca am avut toate animalele care se pot gasi pe stada sau pe camp.Am avut: serpi, soparle, arici, pesti, hamsteri,pasari ,si desigur o multime de catei si pisici.La 12 ani mama s-a gandit ca va pune capat acestei nebunii, daca imi va lua un catel cadou, din pacate s-a inselat.Insa, inca o am pe Lady,si este cel mai minunat catel de pe pamant!Am decis cumva,candva sa
ma maturizez si sa nu mai aduc animale,dar nu a tinut multa vreme maturizarea ,dupa putin timp l-am gasit pe Seth cel mai razboinic si dificil pisic, apoi pe Charlie ,la polul opus, cel mai iubaret si pufos…Asa ca acum am iar am o mica ferma!Va las sa faceti cunostiinta cu o parte din  iubirile vietii mele!:)














Since I was just a child I realized that I’m in love with animals! My parents still  remember, with a smile in the corner  of the mouth, because now is hilarious, but back than I’m sure it wasn’t, that for a  while we had in our 2 rooms apartment, 2 dogs, 2 hamsters, one cat, 1 crow and 1 dove.And in all my life I had all animals that you can find in the city or near,like: snakes,turtles ,lizards,hedgehog, chicken,fish,  plenty of dogs and cats.Some of them had died,because they were very ill, some of them ran  away,and for some of them I found a  lovable home, but at my 12 anniversary my mom decided to buy my a  small dog, and she did it, I still have my unique dog, but that didn’t stop me  to bring others animals home.For about 9 years I had Lady, her puppy  that died 2 years ago, damn she was so beautiful, and a cat, that ran away.
I decided to act like a  mature person,so I decided to have only one pet, but when I went back to my home town my mom came home with this small cat that was yelling for some food, so we decided to keep him  for a while, till he could walk and eat by his own, after 2 years he’s the best warrior cat i could find, and one day I found Charlie, I said to myself  I would keep  him until I will find him a  home, that didn’t happen because after a  week i was in love with his docility. Above you can see a small part of  the loves of my life!

Today’s motto: “Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them.”

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  1. I am an animal person myself too! All my life I have been surrounded by dogs and I always proclaimed that I am a dog person, but since last year I can say that I really like cats too ( I kinda disliked them before), but then I got the sweetest and cutest cat ever & my mind changed completely! 🙂


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