I wish I had superpowers!

Si cand ma gandesc ca, eu chiar ma consider un om destul de normal, cel putin in temenii “normalitatii”mele! Ma gandesc deseori cum ar fi daca as putea avea o superputere ,e cam greu sa ma decid care, dar stiu ca cel mai mult am senzatia ca mi-as dori sa zbor, sau sa fiu invizibila…hmmm sau oare sa citesc gandurile oamenilor?!Nu ma pot decide, nu azi sau nu acum.Imaginea asta uneori imi da fiori,pentru ca stiu ca oamenii atunci cand se simt puternici simt in acelasi timp si nevoia de a  fi rai, dar totusi eu imi doresc mult sa zbor, sa zbor oriunde si oricand, cata libertate imi confera numai gandul! Traiesc cu impresia ca sub zambetele oamenilor se afla mult mai multe ganduri si nu toate pozitive.As vrea sa nu mai fie atatea nuante, sa fie cumva mai definit totul, mai clar.As vrea macar pentru o zi sa stiu tot, sa pot sa inteleg mecanismul vietii, sa inteleg de ce totul curge si de ce nu pot zbura!;) Macar ma bucur ca inca mai  am locusorul meu unde sa fug atunci cand lumea reala ma copleseste si depaseste!Asa ca inca pot zbura doar ca nimeni nu stie, este micul meu secret, daca v-am spus oare mai este secret?!;)))
I was wearing no name skirt, erring and t-shirt Terranova, Accessorize purse.






Even if you may consider me insane..think how our lives would be if we could have superpowers,or even better , if we could choose one superpower!! OMG I know it’s impossible and probably would be the most horrible thing that could happen, but I really wish that I could fly, or maybe to change my shape,or to block my feeling…or the one that could be hilarious for me, to be invisible! Imagine the chaos that would be created ;)) Because I’m a very curios person, I wish I could know what’s behind  smiles , because I believe that behind a smile could be thousands of thoughts,maybe not so cute(I wish I could know what people really think,not what they make me believe that they think) … I wish blue to be blue,not to have so many shades,in the end I only wish to fly whenever I want and where I want…And for this God gave us imagination.To create our own world full of us and things we couldn’t have,or didn’t know that we wish ,or just an empty space were we can hide our self from all the troubles in the real life . I wish I could knew everything for a  day,to see why everything is like it is!:) Like always, thank you Klaudia!

Today’s motto : “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

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  1. ..a dream within a dream – destul de profund 🙂 ador melodia ta de azi.
    Daca as putea alege o superputere, mi-as dori sa pot influenta timpul!

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