In the end, it’s all about luck.

Sunt omul cu speranta, sunt omul care inca crede ca tot ce zboara se mananca. Cred ca exista iubiri ca in romane, cred ca exista miracole, cred in oameni, cred in talent, cred in curaj, dar cel mai mult cred in noroc. Cu un strop de noroc poti ajunge departe, insa fara el, nu ai decat un drum nedeterminat. Am vazut si inca vad oameni talentati, inca nedescoperiti, vad copii cu potential, cersind, vad batrani batjocoriti de nepoti si jupuiti de bani, vad superstaruri inculte si fara talent, vad oameni simpli dar cu capul pe as putea continua pana m-ar durea degetele, sau te-ai plictisii tu, de citit! Dupa mine, norocul e ceea ce te face vedeta sau muncitor calificat. Stiu oameni intelgienti,care muncesc te miri ce, si vad idioti pe posturi de conducere.Asta inseamna norocul de a te fi nascut intr-o familie influenta, de a  cunoste oamnei influenti…simplu noroc.Dar daca nu ai noroc, stai linistit, poate ai un alt “umar” pe care sa te bazezi, onestitatea, loialitatea…sau alte calitati substituitoare norocului. Uneori ma intreb…oare sunt sau nu prietena cu norocul?! Thank you  Klaudia Katona 





Ramai feminina, poarta fuste mini. Femeii ii sta bine cand emana senzualitate!:)







I’m a  believer , I believe in miracles, I believe in people, I believe in talent, I believe in courage, but most of all I believe in luck. I’ve seen a lot of people with talent, wasting it away because no one   discovered them, I’ve seen big talent in shows that are not winning the big price, I’ve seen  “super stars” that have a  massive lack of talent…and the list can go on! In life, in my opinion luck is what can make your life better or worse. A lot of smart people don’t have  a job, because someone else who is a  friend of someone who has a  good position, took the job. Don’t subestimate yourself if luck is not your best friend!:) Maybe you have some other friends more valuable. Often I wonder if I’m one of the lucky people, and I still wait the answer…

Today’s motto:   “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.”

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  1. I don't think it's all about luck. I can't believe that my future depends on something so small and on which I have no influence. But all in all very nice post 😉

  2. Ella, you are absolutely right! Luck means the world to all of those creative people who wants to be a star, or anybody else who are just trying to be successful in something. We all need a bit of good luck sometimes! I also think that those snapshots are wonderful, you look stunning and so joyful, when I'm scrolling down yoru pictures I'm always catching myself on the idea how beautiful this life is!


    1. Life is indeed beautiful,even if we can't see clearly all the time. It's good to know that someone is there and will twitch us!:)thanks for the visit and ope these days you are like always, joyful!:)

  3. Efectiv m-am indragostit de outfitul tau , este exact stilul care-mi place si care mi se potriveste. Imi place fiecare piesa pe care o porti , iar rujul rosu completeaza perfect tinuta. Ca sa nu mai vorbesc de atitudine. Te pup!!

    P.S. Legat de mesajul tau , cred ca uneori norocul ti-l faci singur si imi place sa cred ca sunt singura de care depinde viata mea. Dar punand problema oamenilor talentati , dar fara posibilitati , da…acolo se aplica ideea conform careia fara noroc nu prea poti face nimic in viata. De aceea , ar trebui ca noi , cei care avem putin mai mult nioroc decat ei , sa ii ajutam.

    1. Da…si mie imi place sa cred ca viata mea depinde in totalitate de mine, numai ca atunci cand muncesc si totusi nu imi sunt recunoscute meritele dau vina pe noroc;) Multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele frumoase:)

  4. thank you for joining! but you need to visit the site and comment my post with the link of your favourites glasses, otherwise your participation won't be valid!

    love the photos, they are so beautiful 🙂

    1. I follow you with GFC and Bloglovin! I don't see my blog in your list of followers…
      Have a nice day! my like in bloglovin for your post too!!!:)))

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