Take a deep breath, and move on…

Incep postare cu o intrebare, fara un raspuns clar (din punctul meu de vedere)…de ce atunci cand viata  ia o intorsatura neasteptata, simti nevoia sa faci si tu niste schimbari de orice fel, doar ca sa umpli cumva golul lasat de “noul” ce te-a invadat? Am avut anul trecut niste pierderi …si cateva alte mici debusolari, care insa asupra mea au avut un impact imens, de aici si dorinta de a  schimba ceva, cumva…si uite asa am inceput un maraton de freze si culori noi la par. Merit un 10 pentru ca am avut curaj sa imi tai parul, care avea totusi o lungime considerabila. Insa cred ca a  fost cea mai buna schimbare pentru un timp asa de rau…Numai ca golul nu s-a umplut… dar cu timpul s-a diminuat pana cand nu a ramas decat o cicatrice, asta este lectia ce am primit-o anul trecut.Viata nu e dreapta sau nedreapta,ea pur si simplu este… Like always thank you dear grumpy Katona Klaudia



Why people fell this impulse to changes when something bad change the course of their life?! Last year I’ve cut my long hair, which I don’t regret,not at all… I regret only the fact that it was a hard year with some drastic changes and some people have gone  from my life.What I didn’t understood is why I felt this incentive to change something, I’ve been in 6 months brunet, blond and than redhead, I’ve tried many hair cuts, only to fulfill the hole in my heart, unfortunately it didn’t work, but I’ve had some funny haircuts, and the courage to cut my hair! A 10 for me Sir:) Now I know life is not fair or unfair, life just is .

Today’s motto: “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”


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