Lost in memories.

In curand vei fi plecat cu adevarat din gandurile mele, plecarea ta imi va lasa din nou acel vid nesuferit in suflet. Ma simt ca si cum as merge goala pe strazi si totusi ma simt invizibila. Este o durere inexplicabila. Imi place sa te vad suferind si totusi urasc sa te vad trist. Inca te iubesc, nu in modul in care ar trebui…dar te iubesc sincer, in felul meu.  Precum spunea si Yves Saint-Laurent : “Il iubesc, dar tu esti barbatul vietii mele”. Nu conteaza, nu ma vei intelege, asa cum nici eu nu te-am inteles, asa am fost noi, mereu diferiti, intotdeauna indragostiti, mereu impreuna. O sa fim bine, este greu, stiu..dar suntem mai puternici de atata, rezista dragostea mea, prietenul meu, candva totul meu.

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Soon you’ll be gone from my thought for real. A big void will take your place. I fell like I’m walking naked on the streets but at the same time I feel invisible. It’s an unexplained pain. I love to see you suffer and in the same time I hate to see you sad. I do love you, not in the way I supposed to…but I truly love you, in my own way. Like Yves Saint-Laurent said “I love him, but you are the man of my life”. Never mind, you’ll never get me, like I’ve never got you, this is how we were, always different, always in love, always together. We’ll be ok, it’s hard I know but we are stronger than this, hang in there my love, my friend, once my all.

Today’s quote : “Many people say they’re empty. But I’m too full. Full of memories, fear, hope, love and anger. I have too much inside myself. I have a heart that’s getting to heavy to carry around. I feel so much I can’t have peace.”

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