Sex appeal or inside beauty?!

 Acum ceva timp am vazut acest clip, la modul cel mai serios am ramas fascinata atat de linia melodica cat si de cantareti. Stiu…tuturor ne plac oamenii frumosi, din pacate, si spre rusinea mea, atunci cand vad oameni frumosi, tind efectiv sa ma holbez. Eu nu stiu sa ma uit frumos si pe sub gene, eu ma uit insitent,indiscret  si curios!:) Dar ce este frumos si lui Dumnezeu ii place, nu?!Fiecare are o prefeinta in materie de frumusete, pentru mine oamenii slabi, cu barba si buze carnoase…ufff bine bine si cu ceva tatuaje, sunt apogeul! Frumusetea poate fi accentuata cu un
machiaj sau o haina buna, insa sexualitate vine  efectiv din interior! Admir oamenii care stiu sa foloseasca haina sau machiajul ca truc,  dar cel mai mult pe cei care isi folosesc increderea in ei ca pe o haina sau machiaj. Imi place sa surprind frumusetea chiar si acolo unde altii nu o vad, imi place sa vad rasul acela parsiv in coltui gurii, ochii aceia mijiti si parul ciufulit! Pe voi ce va da gata?!
Like always thank you my grumpy Klaudia



Today’s motto: “Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean you’re sexy. Just because you’re cynical doesn’t mean you’re cool.”


I adore sexy people, even if  I know that is not OK to stare at people, I do that without knowing, I just can ‘t help myself. I like watching beautiful people, those who are so damn sexy, I just drool at them. I’m kidding!! But what is beautiful even God likes it. I saw this video some time ago, and I fell in love with the people in it! People can be sexy in so many ways, a look, a  smile, a simple gesture, I don’t know, something that no one can’t see it, only you.You don’t have to use clothing  or make up to be beautiful or sexy, you just have to trust yourself and that is sexy enough sometimes. Any way I love beautiful people, I admire those one that know how to use clothes and make up to make themselves more cool, not beautiful, because beauty comes from inside. Everyone has a  thing for something,I  have a thing for skinny people with beards, and for that smile in the corner of the mouth, that is killing me slowly, it’s so sexy..also I like fleshy lips…OK and tattoos! What about you, what makes you insane ?!

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