The “rhythm” of your life..

Hainele, sincer nu sunt simple haine, sunt mult mai mult, sunt “TU”. Sunt starea ta de spirit, cultura ta, gustul tau estetic, ceea ce aspiri sa devii. La noi este vorba asta: “nu haina il face pe om” subscriu acestei idei, dar totusi cred ca  putin bun gust nu strica nimanui. Nu sunt in masura sa judec, pentru ca nu sunt buna sa aleg 2 texturi care sa se potriveasca, dar cred ca sunt capabila sa asortez hainele macar in materie de culoare. Ne exprimam prin ceea ce purtam si cum ne purtam, prin vestimentatie aratam ce ne place ca gen muzical, ca stil de viata, ca decizii de zi cu zi. Eu nu sunt in trend si nu pentru ca vreau sa fiu oaia neagra, ci pentru ca aleg sa port ce ma avantajeaza si ce imi place, chiar daca moda a  trecut sau nici macar nu s-a ajuns cu trendul pana la ce imi place. Thank you  Klaudia for this chic & kinky  photos!












Today’s motto: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Clothes aren’t simply clothes, they represent who you are, your everyday decision, your taste  related with fashion, to your mood, your “wanna be” thing, they say a lot about you. In Romanian we have a saying “Clothes do not make the man” , which I truly agree, but a little taste wouldn’t hurt. I’m not in the position to judge anyone, because I, myself  don’t have too much taste when comes to fashion, but I could recognize a good combination of colors, but not of textiles or textures .My point of view is that we define somehow our self by what we wear, or what we like/ wish to wear! Also every culture is defined by something special, something that if you see in a  second make you think at that country / city. I’m never in trend, because I choose to wear what I like and what fits me the best.

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  1. Imi place gandirea ta. Si eu merg pe acelasi principiu. Important e sa iti placa tie tinuta si sa te simti bine in ea. Daca mai e si in trend , e un bonus.
    Normal ca nu haina il face pe om , doar reprezinta o prima carte de vizita si consider ca e important cum te prezinti si ce impresie lasi. Important e ca dupa aceea sa vezi si dincolo de haine.
    In orice caz , iti admir stilul , foarte natural si sexy.

  2. E foarte bună deviza ta și mă identific cu ea… se poartă ceea ce îți stă bine… eu țin totuși să te contrazic cu un aspect… TU CHIAR EȘTI ÎN TREND!

  3. Eu zic că faci o treabă foarte bună cu stilul tău vestimentar şi mi-a plăcut manifestul de la începutul articolului. Oricum, Oscar Wilde cred că zicea că hainele chiar îl fac pe om pentru că oamenii goi nu prea au impact asupra societăţii! 😀

  4. hi! i absolutely love your blog, its beautifully written ad very engaging. i love the layout.

    it would mean a lot if would check out my blog!
    and would you like to follow each other? 🙂

  5. Guauuu!! your photos are really cool ;D Are very inspiring!! Kisses from Madrid (I hope if I have some time, draw something with you ;D) ah!! and I follow!!

  6. i know that taking time to read enhances my vocabulary, strengthens my empathy and provides me new experiences … but unfortunately your amazing pics don't improve my ability to focus :)))))

    1. Reading books might improve more much than we realise, but reading my blog, hmmm maybe it will make you think, but I don't think it will improve something!:) And the pics are made to take the breath away!:)))

    2. dunno about books, but ur blogs is in english so…yeah enhances my vocabulary 🙂 As a guy, reading ur blog might also improve my skills of dressing and undressing a woman hahahaha….but honestly, nice job! Big fan here 🙂 As for the pics…they really take the breath way 🙂 but u probably already know that life is not measured in breaths we take but by the moments that takes our breath away…so thx :))

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